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Our firm handles a variety of legal services that includes Personal Injury, Bankruptcy and Wills & Estates. Our attorneys and professional staff are client-focused and results-oriented.


Over the years, our firm has helped people meet their legal needs. The firm has built a solid reputation for providing professional and personalized service.

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Not Consulting With An Injury Attorney


If you are involved in automobile accident claim or any other type personal injury case, it is crucial that you first familiarize yourself with your rights before you make a costly mistake. A serious accident or severe injury can radically change your quality of life as well as the lives of your family members.


Our legal team represents car accident victims and other personal injury victims with utmost personalization and professionalism. To speak with a knowledgeable and experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer, call us at 404-762-3535.

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The Law Office of
K. A. Foreman, PC

1882 Princeton Avenue, Suite 10
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Debt Relief Attorney Serving Atlanta


If you are struggling to meet your financial obligations then a personal bankruptcy filing under Chapter 7 can help you stop all calls, letters or legal action, giving you the relief you need to get a fresh financial start.


A knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy lawyer can protect your interests during Chapter 7.  For a consultation with an experienced Atlanta Chapter 7 lawyer, call our office at 404-762-3535.

Areas of Practice

Personal Injury Law​

Bankruptcy Law​

Wills & Estates Law​​​​​


Don't make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need an estate plan


Every adult can benefit from an estate plan, including a last will and testament. A knowledgeable Wills and Estates attorney can work with you to devise an estate plan that explains how your assets should be distributed after your death.


Our legal team and other advisors can craft a strategy to reduce estate taxes and help ensure the financial security of you and your family. Call us at 404-762-3535.

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